The enterprise and us: faith and fidelity

16.03.2017 Life of the plant

This motto placed above one of the production buildings of EKTOS-Volga OJSC determined the everyday life of its personnel. 

Very many things have changed over the recent years at the enterprise, which is still habitually called Volzhskiy Kauchuk by many people. Now it does not produce synthetic rubber SKI-3 but methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) used as a high-octane additive to automobile gasolines. New technologies and production capacities are utilized. And the number of people working here now is not 2.5-3 thousands as in the Soviet times, but 582 persons. But the traditions of the enterprise that has almost half a century of history (it will turn 50 years old 2014) are still alive. And this is manifested in the most important thing: in taking care of the people.

“We have 25 veterans of the Great Patriotic war and homefront workers as of today”, says Olga Goreva, Head of the Human Resources Directorate of EKTOS-Volga OJSC. “We greet them on every holiday, render financial aid to them, give them flowers and presents. We don’t simply invite them to the Victory Day celebrations but send the enterprise’s transport for each veteran, lay a festive table, and organize a concert. To remind the veterans of the past and to let them connect with the enterprise’s current life, we conduct tours of the plant’s territory for them”.

One of the most exciting moments of the events is laying flowers together with the heads of the enterprise to the stele erected in commemoration of warriors of the Great Patriotic war. By the way, the monument located in the vicinity of the enterprise’s entrance control post was renovated a short time ago.
All the veterans of labor who have retired from the Volzhskiy Artificial Rubber Plant, Kauchuk OJSC and EKTOS-Volga OJSC (the enterprise’s names in different periods of its existence – author’s note), are remembered on the Day of Older Persons celebrated on the 1st of October. They are about 400 as of today.
“We keep in contact with each veteran, invite them to celebrations, organize festive concerts for them, give financial aid”, Olga Leonidovna says. “It’s pleasant for them to meet with one another, to talk”.
The traditions of the veterans who constructed and launched the artificial rubber plant in the steppe near Volzhskiy a long time ago are continued in a worthy manner by the current team of EKTOS-Volga OJSC. The tasks it has to solve now aren’t less complicated. The equipment stock is being renewed to increase the production of MTBE to 139.8 thous. tons at the end of 2013, and to 160 thous. tons per year in the years ahead, which will correspond to the maximum rated capacity of the process chain. And this task is being solved without a staff increase.

“We want to do everything on our own”, says Olga Goreva. “We have the human resources required for that. The enterprise is 98% staffed as of today, there are only 10 vacancies, all of which aren’t in the main production shops. Young specialists who have proven their competence have possibilities for career growth. This year we have young folks in the positions of shop managers, who started their career at the enterprise from the jobs of equipment operators”.
The enterprise management takes care of enhancing the level of the personnel’s technical knowledge. For this purpose, they have concluded a cooperation agreement with the Volzhskiy Polytechnic Institute, a branch of the VolgGTU. According to this document, those employees who wish to get their first or second academic degree in the field of their activity, have an opportunity to study at the enterprise’s expense with the intramural or extramural form of study. For example, an instrumentation technician can enroll into the program of “Automation of Technological Processes”, and a process shop equipment operator, into the program of “Chemical Technology of High-Molecular Compounds”.

The enterprise has always taken care of the health of their employees and the employees’ children. Some time ago, the Volzhskiy Artificial Rubber Plant used to have its own network of social welfare institutions: 2 kindergartens, a company-owned dormitory, and a tourist center. They failed to preserve this all in the following difficult years. But the tradition of taking care of the people continues: according to the agreement concluded with the Volzhskiy Tube Plant, the employees of EKTOS-Volga OJSC send their children aged 6 to 15 to its “Skazka” children’s holiday camp every summer. For example, last summer about 40 children of the employees of EKTOS-Volga OJSC rested in “Skazka”. And the enterprise paid the holiday package price in full for each child.
In 2013, the implementation of a wellness program for the enterprise’s employees themselves also started. For example, in September 4 persons will take health-resort treatment in Kislovodsk, Anapa, and in the local Elton holiday home at the expense of EKTOS-Volga OJSC. And the total number of employees who presented their requests for health-resort treatment and medical certificates this year is 18, they all will go to holiday homes.
“This is the decision taken by the enterprise’s shareholders”, Ms Goreva explains. “It will be an additional motivation for the employees, and enhance the attractiveness of EKTOS-Volga OJSC as an employer”.
The everyday care given by the enterprise to its employees is equally important: provision of hot meals, home-to-work transportation for shift personnel on weekends and public holidays by a rented bus, and many other things.