Моллекула МТБЭ
Methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) is an efficient non-toxic high-octane component of automobile gasoline. Using non-toxic oxigenates as high-octane components of motor fuels allows for obtaining high-octane gasoline without inclusion of aromatic hydrocarbons

The blending of MTBE into gasoline boosts the antiknock value of the gasolines, it also enhances the economic features and power specifications of the motors, and reduces the volume of hazardous emissions. It has been recognized and proven in the world that MTBE is the most efficient high-octane additive (in total by every measure). At the present moment, MTBE occupies one of the leading positions in our country among the other high-octane components that have superseded tetraethyl lead (TEL).The quality of MTBE produced by EKTOS-Volga OJSC corresponds to Grade А (the highest quality) according to the requirements of TU 38.103704-90 with amend. 1÷10, which is confirmed by the absence of any claims from the consumers for over 10 years.
PPF is the fraction of liquefied hydrocarbons propane and propylene.PPF can be used as fuel for residential use and industrial purposes, and also as a raw material for polymer distillate and concentration plants.The quality of PPF produced by EKTOS-Volga OJSC corresponds to Grade B & C according to the requirements of TU 0272-024-00151638-99 with amend. No. 1.
P-xylene fraction is a fraction that contains at least 65 % of p-xylene and at least 8 % of toluene. P-xylene fraction is used for organic synthesis, and as burner oil in closed-type furnaces. The quality of p-xylene fraction produced by EKTOS-Volga OJSC is in compliance with TU 2414-003-48082088-2005 with amend. No. 1,2.